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Code : AL212306_55

Brand : ARCH & LINE


Body: 100% cotton (ORGANIC COTTON)
Rib: 97% cotton
3% polyurethane

XL (135-145cm): Width 47cm Length 56cm Sleeve length 46cm Shoulder width 43cm

Fleece hoody made from original organic cotton fleece.
Fine organic cotton is combined with vintage details to create a high-quality casual look.

With reference to the vintage trainer, the side parts are switched with a milling cutter (stretchable material). For the body, use the eyes of the ground sideways. We also paid particular attention to the details of the pockets.
Since the hood is double, it is easy to stand on its own and the area around the face becomes bright. The silhouette is just loose. Brings out the cuteness of kids.
Simple & one-point embroidery is also effective.