Ball-rimmed PKT Straight Denim

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Code : ST-021_id

Brand : Veritecoeur

Ball-rimmed PKT Straight Denim

1:Waist 74cm, Inseam 23cm, Inseam 67cm, Hip 92cm, Width of armpit 28cm, Width of hem 18cm
2:Waist 76cm, Inseam 23cm, Inseam 67cm, Hip 94cm, Width of armpit 29cm, Width of hem 20cm
3: Waist 78cm, Inseam 23cm, Inseam 67cm, Hip 96cm, Width of armpit 31cm, Width of hem 21cm

These are Veritecoeur's standard popular denim. The straight, menswear-like silhouette is one of its charms. The ball-rimmed pockets give it a clean look in the back. The subdued processing and colors make it suitable for all seasons, regardless of the tops you choose. It is great to wear it in a true-to-size or even an oversized version.
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